social media

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

1) Don’t engage with idiots or trolls:

Doing so only drives them further into their bubble. You’re not going to change anyone’s mind. It also makes you look like a smart-ass or a bully.

As the old quote says:

Don’t wrestle with pigs, you’ll both get dirty, and the pig likes it.

2) Be Original:

Sure, it’s easy to share pithy quotes and stolen memes. Instead, why not share your art, writing, or even pictures of your cats. Does your writing suck? So what — that’s how you get better. People love that type of content and are more likely to engage.

3) Set up guardrails:

Stop doomscrolling. Put your phone somewhere else when sleeping (I promise, your phone will still be there when you wake up).
Set up time blocks for social media — set up a calendar event, just like you would for a meeting or an appointment.
Set up filters and blocking software if you’re having a problem getting your work done. Checking socials constantly for a quick dopamine hit is not healthy. Remember that stepping away from social media is okay if it’s not serving you.

4) Don’t be vague:

Posting something like “sigh really sad now” makes you sound like a child looking for attention (unless you actually are a child looking for attention, don’t do that)

5) Don’t share things you know might not be factual:

It’s really easy to hit that retweet button because a clickbait headline catches your eye. Take the time actually to read what you’re sharing.

6) Don’t get hung up on likes and followers, and analytics:

If you’re authentic, your true fans will find you. Besides, half of your followers might be bots, so why sweat it?

7) Engage with those you learn from:

Tell them you appreciate their work, ask thoughtful questions, and share your related stories. People are eager to share their information and expertise.

8) Stop following garbage accounts:

Do yourself a favor and stop filling your feed with mindless memes or titillating videos. This is nothing but a time suck and the electronic equivalent of mindlessly snacking on chips. Use social media to learn and grow, not just to distract yourself.

9) Brush up your profiles:

Put language and words that will help attract the kind of followers you want. If you’re into AI art, put that in there. Also, use services like Linktree to drive followers to your other content or websites.

10) Have fun!

Stop taking social media so seriously. You could get banned. It could all go away tomorrow. Then what? If you’re trying to run a business from Twitter, be ready with your Plan B.