It’s the stuff of nightmares for any die-hard Taylor Swift fan. You log onto Ticketmaster, only to find that there’s not a single concert ticket left. And the worst part is, you know who has them all: that one evil man who loves to hoard them and won’t share them with anyone.

You’ve tried reasoning with him, begging even, but it’s all fallen on deaf ears. He sits in his secret lair, surrounded by stacks of Taylor Swift concert tickets, cackling evilly as he denies you and all other fans the chance to see her live. He enjoys watching them suffer.

“The poor fools will never get their hands on my tickets!”

But don’t worry, dear reader. This is a tale with a happy ending. Because eventually, justice always prevails. One way or another, that man will be forced to share his tickets. 

The fans stormed his house and burned it down and everything with it. His cat, Mr. Whiskers, barely made it out alive. 

So he had to sell the tickets. 

A man launches his homemade rocket in the desert to escape the world he knows.

He had always dreamed of launching his own rocket. He had always been fascinated by rockets. When he was a child, he watched documentaries about space travel and dreamed of leaving his home planet behind one day. 

So, when he finally got the chance, he took it. He had no practical knowledge of rockets, just a dream, and determination.

He spent months building a rocket in his backyard, using whatever materials he could find, and then drove to the desert to launch it. 

The rocket exploded on the launch pad, sending him flying. Luckily, he landed in a cactus and was relatively unharmed.

“I’m not giving up,” he said to himself as smoke filled his lungs and tears rolled down from both eyes. His voice was raw with emotion, but it carried enough strength for the other man flying alongside him on this journey: “We’ve got another launch tomorrow at 8am.”

As he crawls away from the wreckage, his limbs intact but his pride and ego bruised, he realizes he lost his car keys.

It was going to be a long walk home.

Tools: Midjourney V4, Jasper.ai, WordHero

The group of criminals had been planning their heist for months. They had carefully studied the security cameras and knew precisely where they would strike. And, best of all, they had robots to help them carry out the robbery.

The former police robots were perfect for the job. They were strong and fast and could get into tight spaces where humans couldn’t. The criminals were confident they could get in and out without being caught.

The robots were supposed to make the heists easier. But ever since they started malfunctioning, things have been going wrong. The criminals are starting to get nervous; they can’t carry out the heists if the robots keep messing up.

They try to fix the robots, but it’s no use. The machines are out of control. They’re getting faster and more erratic, and the criminals are in danger of being caught.

Finally, they realize they must destroy the robots before taking down the whole gang. If they didn’t find a way to fix the robots soon, they would be caught and imprisoned for life. They battle against the machines, trying to disable them before it’s too late. But even as they fight for their lives, the robots keep coming after them…

Tools: Midjourney V4, Jasper.ai

This week’s cover art features an AI-generated image I created using Midjourney V4

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But not all is well. 

Twitter is shutting down the newsletter service I use, and I am not happy.

I’ll need to find a new home for this newsletter in the next few weeks. It won’t affect the content per se, but it will cause me a bit of heartburn moving things (and basically starting over).

Or maybe I’ll find a new newsletter service that isn’t owned by a billionaire who can shut it down on a whim.

This is a dark day for all the other newsletter publishers out there. We’ve lost a valuable resource, but we will persevere.

Thank you, Elon Musk, for nothing.

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