Introducing AI:Next – Discover what’s next in the world of AI.

About a year ago, AI-powered creation tools and images started appearing on my socials. Being a creator, I was intrigued. DALL-E was the first image creation tool I experimented with. The results were sometimes spot-on—but mostly hilarious.

As the image tools improved, I began using images I created as part of my daily work for blog posts and social media.

I haven’t had this feeling since the early days of the internet.

I knew this was the start of something incredible.

I knew that these image tools and large language models like ChatGPT would launch a new technology revolution.

The excitement is the same, except the speed of innovation and creation is one thousandfold. I made a colossal mistake during those early Internet days – I spent more time reading and observing than creating. I was terrible at HTML; I could barely cobble sites together.

But I was young; I had other ‘priorities’ and didn’t bother to put the time in to learn.

Big mistake!

Fast forward: I still need to improve at tech, but AI’s implications in design and marketing are ignored at your peril.

Since I spend most of my spare time experimenting with these incredible tools, I started this newsletter to help fellow creatives navigate this new and wonderful world. I’ll include links to new tools, the latest headlines in AI, links to learning resources, and some images I’ve found on the web.

The newsletter will be published at least once a week as time permits. I hope you join me on this journey.

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Last week’s most clicked link: 9% of readers clicked These Vintage Photos of Celebrities in Their New York City Apartments Will Take You Back in Time

On to this week’s Awesome Things:

Interview: Photographer Documents 33 Women Before and After They Became a Mom

There are few things in life that have a bigger impact than becoming a parent. Motherhood, in particular, changes a woman in profound ways—not just physically, but emotionally, too. Photographer and mother Vaida Markeviciute-Razmislavice noticed her own transformation before childbirth and after her son was born.

Take Ai Weiwei’s Middle Finger Anywhere in the World

Since 1995, artist Ai Weiwei has been flipping the bird to a myriad of global landmarks steeped in oppression, censorship, and overreaching control as a means of reminding the people to question the status quo and represent their own personal values.

40 Years Ago: Why David Bowie Regretted ‘Let’s Dance’ So Much

“I asked myself, ‘Why have I chosen this music?'” Bowie later mused.

[This is far and away my most UNFAVORITE Bowie song. Sorry/Not Sorry. – JS]

Are you mindlessly scrolling? Here’s how to tame your bad tech habit.

Even good habits can cross the line into unhealthy compulsion

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What $100,000 Is Actually Worth in the Largest U.S. Cities – 2023 Study

Seen as a sign of success and financial comfort, a six-figure salary has long been an important milestone for American workers. But the times have changed and $100,000 isn’t quite what it used to be, especially as rampant inflation continues to sap the purchasing power of money and push the cost of living higher.

The Perils and Pleasures of Bartending in Antarctica

At the South Pole, the freezer is just a hole in the wall to the ice outside.

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30 Movies That Are Somehow Turning 30 This Year

Does it make you feel old to know Mrs. Doubtfire is three decades old? What about Jurassic Park? Free Willy?

Why You Should Bake Your Wool Sweater in the Oven Before You Wear It

Of all the things you can do with an oven—make chocolate chip cookies, roast veggies, or reheat leftovers—the last thing you’d think to do is bake your sweater. Yet this is precisely what Audrey Danser, owner of Salvage Studio in San Francisco, proposes in an Instagram post.

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🌴 Check out this incredibly colorful and preserved mid-century Palm Springs digs.

🕳️ Clickbait: Hiding Places (Reddit link)

🎣 The Mexican Fisherman (Amazing Short Story)

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Best TV Theme Songs of All Time

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Lost something? Search through 91.7 million files from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s

Cat Walks Across France to Their Old Home Before Being Reunited With ‘Stunned’ Owners 13 Months Later

Ranking the best 2022 World Cup jerseys: The top 10 kits on display in Qatar

40 questions to ask yourself every year

Esquire’s Best New Restaurants in America, 2022

Cigarette Smoking Rates Down Sharply Among U.S. Young Adults

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This week’s cover art features an AI-generated image I created using Midjourney V4

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But not all is well. 

Twitter is shutting down the newsletter service I use, and I am not happy.

I’ll need to find a new home for this newsletter in the next few weeks. It won’t affect the content per se, but it will cause me a bit of heartburn moving things (and basically starting over).

Or maybe I’ll find a new newsletter service that isn’t owned by a billionaire who can shut it down on a whim.

This is a dark day for all the other newsletter publishers out there. We’ve lost a valuable resource, but we will persevere.

Thank you, Elon Musk, for nothing.

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