My newest newsletter launch: AI:Next – Discover What’s Next in the World of AI

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Introducing AI:Next – Discover what’s next in the world of AI.

About a year ago, AI-powered creation tools and images started appearing on my socials. Being a creator, I was intrigued. DALL-E was the first image creation tool I experimented with. The results were sometimes spot-on—but mostly hilarious.

As the image tools improved, I began using images I created as part of my daily work for blog posts and social media.

I haven’t had this feeling since the early days of the internet.

I knew this was the start of something incredible.

I knew that these image tools and large language models like ChatGPT would launch a new technology revolution.

The excitement is the same, except the speed of innovation and creation is one thousandfold. I made a colossal mistake during those early Internet days – I spent more time reading and observing than creating. I was terrible at HTML; I could barely cobble sites together.

But I was young; I had other ‘priorities’ and didn’t bother to put the time in to learn.

Big mistake!

Fast forward: I still need to improve at tech, but AI’s implications in design and marketing are ignored at your peril.

Since I spend most of my spare time experimenting with these incredible tools, I started this newsletter to help fellow creatives navigate this new and wonderful world. I’ll include links to new tools, the latest headlines in AI, links to learning resources, and some images I’ve found on the web.

The newsletter will be published at least once a week as time permits. I hope you join me on this journey.

Upgrade your AI knowledge here: The AI:Next Newsletter

John Suder is a graphic designer, illustrator, and podcaster from Philadelphia. John is the Director of Marketing at SUMO Heavy Industries, an eCommerce consulting firm, and the host/producer of the long-running daily podcast ‘The eCommerce Minute'. John is also the host/producer of the ‘In the Ring’ podcast, a long-form podcast featuring interviews and insights from leaders in the eCommerce space.

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